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RyKy Records: Bio

Joseph F.M. Pokorny - Songwriter/Composer and Co-Founder of RyKy Records

Throughout his career, Joseph F.M. Pokorny, America's Truly Remarkable Songwriter (tm), has written and composed over 940 songs, including nearly 20 musicals and cantatas.

Now, through RyKy Records (tm), he is finally making his treasure vault available to an ever-increasing worldwide audience.

RyKy Records (tm) has already released 8 of Joe's CD albums, including two musicals, "Wind Dance" and "Benjamin Franklin Musical", and one cantata, "Saint Francis Cantata".

Pokorny's songs and musicals represent a broad range of subjects and a wide variety of genres. Common themes he addresses include: peace, friendship, camaraderie, love, relationships, romance, family, inspiration, dreams and aspirations, patriotism, freedom, heroism, and caring for each other, the world, and the environment.

Music styles featured in his works include: pop, contemporary, MOR, rock and roll, contemporary rock, country, country western, jazz, Broadway musical style, Latin, religious, instrumental, patriotic melody, and others.

Released songs include: the beautiful and powerful peace song, "When"; the environmentally-conscious song, "Save The Earth"; the fun, camaraderie-building song, "Beer"; "Dream The American Dream"; "For The Heroes"; "Father"; "We Stand United"; "Love Is"; "For Your Dreams"; “Maybe Tomorrow”; "Please Do Not Spam Me"; "Faith Can Move Mountains"; "Wind Dance Theme"; "In Your Eyes"; and many others.

Neal R. Voron - President of Voron Communications and Co-Founder of RyKy Records

Neal R. Voron contributes lyrics and lyric inspiration for several songs and is RyKy's Records' publisher, marketer, webmaster, and ebook writer/producer.

Neal's song, "We Thought She'd Live Forever", co-written with Pokorny, led to the founding of RyKy Records and is a climactic song in the "Wind Dance Musical".

His Christmas tale, "The Musician's Christmas Dream", a story about a musician's dream to share his music with the world, is a fictional depiction of Joe's dream of "Making A Difference With Music (tm)", RyKy's mission statement.

Voron's self-help/inspirational novel, "The Obstacle Course", was the inspiration for the upcoming "The Obstacle Course Musical", written by Pokorny.