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Love For A Grandchild

(Spoken Message by Victor W. Voron)

Copyright © 1999 by Victor W. Voron

All rights reserved.  Reproduction Prohibited without the Written Permission of the Author.

Miracle of miracles… You are my grandchild – a grandchild who will go forward into a time that I’ll never see… a time that possesses wonders, excitement, struggles and challenges. How can I help you prepare for a life that would dazzle my mind today? How can I help you explore the mysteries of life with courage and curiosity?

Grandchild, my grandchild, I offer my guidance, caring and love for as long as my life will go – beyond that time I can only be remembered in your mind – carried forward within your “heart” as you meet the days that stretch ahead. Only you can carry me and what I taught you into the unknown as I have brought my parents and grandparents with me into today’s world. My spirit will always be with you.

Grandchild, you give purpose and meaning to my life. You give me continuity and immortality in a world yet to come. Today, you give me joy, renewal and happiness. I delight in your wondrous ambition and imagination. I share a closeness, a special bond like no other with you. I hold you dear to me… I need you in my life. Remember, we’re family – you can count on me for unconditional love, comfort and stability.

You fill me with the richness of life. My legacy to you is that “I love you!”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Love For A Grandchild” is Victor W. Voron’s heartfelt message to his grandchildren. Vic considers himself blessed to have children and grandchildren. He says each one has expanded his capacity for love…

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