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RyKy Records: Music


(Written and Composed by Joseph F.M. Pokorny; Vocals by Christine Favorite)

Copyright © 2003 by Joseph F.M. Pokorny.
From the "Wind Dance Musical" CD Album
from RyKy Records (tm),

When will the world ever learn
To want peace?
When will the world ever learn?

When will we shake hands
And not kill with guns?
When will we learn not to kill?

When will we see
With eyes that are not blinded
By our own wants and our fears?
Can we wash them all away
By our tears?

When will our children
Be safe once again?
Anger and pain be no more!

When will we care
For the riches of the earth?
Feed all the hungry and poor?

When did we lose
Our pride and dignity for others?
Stop! Take a look!
Did you ever read the book,
The Golden Rule?

When will the world ever turn back to God?
He is our strength and our hope!
When will you change?
Will you wait till it’s too late?
‘Now’ is the answer to ‘When’!
‘Now’ is the answer to ‘When’!

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