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RyKy Records: Music


(Written and Composed by Joseph F.M. Pokorny; Vocals by Bill Monaghan)

Copyright © 2003 by Joseph F.M. Pokorny.
From the "Wind Dance Musical" CD Album
from RyKy Records (tm),

She’s pretty as the Emerald Isle,
She always wears a great big smile,

In the meadows, on a misty morn,
The true love of my life was born,

Maureen, simply beautiful.
Maureen, when I look at you…
I dream my wildest dreams.
Is love all that it seems?
Or is it just I’m a dreamer
who is dreaming the impossible?

All of Erin says she’s quite a prize.
In County Down, they idolize

In a thatched roof house, down by the sea,
Lives a girl I wished belonged to me,

Maureen, simply wonderful, Maureen,
When I whisper that I love you,
Do you feel the same way that my heart feels?

Or is it just my imagination
Say to me those words divine?
Say that, someday...
One day, you’ll be mine?

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