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RyKy Records: Music

Who Am I?

(Written and Composed by Joseph F.M. Pokorny. Vocals by Christine Favorite.)

Copyright © 2003 by Joseph F.M. Pokorny.
From the "Wind Dance Musical" CD Album
from RyKy Records (tm),

I have doubts.
I have fears.
Can I make it through another day
Or through the years?

I am weak.
I am strong.
Tell me, how do I fit in,
Where do I belong?

I know I can’t change others,
I have to change myself!
I’m only human,
Just sitting on a shelf...
Looking out at the world!
Who... Am... I?


And if God… is on my side,
Should I ask for God’s forgiveness
Or should I hide?
Is there life… after death?
Will I finally find out
With my last breath?

Yes, I am weak.
I am strong.
But I will fight for peace
And strive for peace
My whole life long.
But ... Who Am I?
Who... Am... I?

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