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RyKy Records: Music

Here's To The Ladies

(Written and Composed by Joseph F.M. Pokorny. Vocals by Bill Monaghan, Joseph F.M. Pokorny, and Don McCarty.)

Copyright © 2003 by Joseph F.M. Pokorny.
From the "Wind Dance Musical" CD Album
from RyKy Records (tm),

Here’s To The Ladies,
To the women in our lives...
Who have given us much pleasure,
Who have given us surprise.

Firm and dandy, sweet as candy
With a passion in their eyes.
To the Ladies...
To the Ladies!


To a night’s romance,
A real slow dance,
I look her in the eyes...
Tell her all my deepest feelings,
As my heart soars to the skies.

To the sweet ones, the petite ones,
Be they short, or be they tall.
To the Ladies...
To the Ladies!

Let... me... love… you!
Let... me... love... you!

To the finest creatures,
God has ever put here on this earth.
Give em’ kisses, give em’ roses,
Like the ones who gave us birth.

Really need em’, Gotta’ have em’...
But just wait till they’re your wife.
To The Ladies...
To The Ladies!

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