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RyKy Records: Music

Love Is

(Written, Composed, and Performed by Joseph F.M. Pokorny)

Copyright © 1977 by Joseph F.M. Pokorny.
From the "Love Is" CD Album
from RyKy Records (tm),

Love Is
The very best gift
We can give one another.

Love Is
Putting your hand out
To help your brother.

Love Is
All of the little things
To put it into words,
Joy is the peace it brings.

Love Is
All of the happiness
Held in your heart.

Love Is
A reason for living,
A light in the dark.

Love Is
Whirling around you.
Stop! Look!
Count the stars that surround you.

Love Is
Something we’ve all got to share!
Something we have to share!

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